Top 5+ Best SAMSUNG 2023

The finest Samsung phones come in many shapes and sizes, whether you’re searching for a bargain model under $500, a strong flagship or a multipurpose foldable phone. And based on our tests, we’re here to assist you in choosing the best gadget for your requirements.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra overtakes the other more cheap Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus on the list of the greatest Samsung phones as Samsung releases new flagships to start the year. Additionally, the Galaxy S22 is still available through Samsung at a discounted price if you’re truly trying to cut costs.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is not only the newest and best Galaxy S model, but it is also one of the best phones in general, sometimes even outperforming the renowned iPhone in terms of performance and camera.

In accordance with your priorities, the new 200MP camera offers outstanding detail and color. Even though Samsung has increased the phone’s power economy, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that is exclusive to the Galaxy gives plenty of power, and the display is just as vibrant and brilliant as ever.

Even if the display’s curved angle is less dramatic than in past years, Samsung is still charging a high price for this phone. Its charging pace, which is a little slow even at 45W, has also left us unimpressed. But, if you have the money to burn, Samsung Galaxy phone is the best one available right now.

S23 Galaxy by Samsung

The Galaxy S23 changes made by Samsung lack the flair of some Galaxy S23 Ultra features. Despite this, there are some noticeable advancements over previous Galaxy S flagships, which are mostly attributed to the addition of the specialized Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. In addition to enhancing the Galaxy S23’s performance, this silicon also contributes to an increase in battery life over the model from the previous year, addressing one of our main complaints with Samsung’s flagships.

The Galaxy S23’s display was also enhanced by Samsung, giving it the same maximum brightness as the screens on the Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra. This is undoubtedly a strong addition to the Galaxy lineup, especially since some decent, if not revolutionary, photo processing upgrades are included. The majority of customers can afford the Samsung flagship because it costs $799, and they will receive a lot of high-end features with their purchase.

A53 Samsung Galaxy

With the Galaxy A53, Samsung continues to demonstrate its commitment to midrange smartphones. You can obtain a device with a screen that refreshes at 120Hz and has respectable performance for hundreds less if you choose this model than you would pay for one of Samsung’s flagships.

Indeed, the Galaxy A53’s $449 price tag comes with some trade-offs, including as the Exynos 1280 chipset’s lower performance compared to the Galaxy S22 series’ top-of-the-line Snapdragon hardware. We also wish Samsung had omitted the unnecessary macro camera from the A53’s assortment of lenses.

But for a phone with a good design and plenty of software updates, that low price — which is comparable to that of the Google Pixel 6a — is tough to beat. The Galaxy A53 is the phone to get if you’re a fan of Samsung and are looking for the best cheap phone under $500—at least until the hotly anticipated Galaxy A54 debuts this spring.

Galaxy S22 Ultra from Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which combines the greatest features of the Galaxy Note and S Ultra lines into a luxurious package, is still among the best Samsung phones available right now, despite the release of its replacement.

With a Note-like shape, a S Pen stylus, and a place to hold it, this is actually more Note than S. This makes it a productivity dream, enabling you to easily sketch, edit, and take handwritten notes.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, however, also includes the top-notch camera equipment you would anticipate from the line, including an enhanced 10x optical zoom lens that we were really delighted with in our testing.

There is also enough of power, whether you choose the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 model or the Exynos 2200 chipset (in Europe) (in most other places). The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a delight to use thanks to that and a big 6.8-inch 120Hz 1440 x 3088 screen.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 by Samsung

The best Samsung foldable available is the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but given its astronomically high cost, it’s surely not for everyone.

Both of its displays—a large 7.6-inch foldable screen and a smaller, more traditional 6.2-inch secondary one—are of the excellent caliber you’d expect from a pricey Samsung phone.

A Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset gives it even more power than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and it sports improved cameras over its predecessor, including a 50MP primary sensor.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 by Samsung

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung almost invented the clamshell foldable, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is simply a slight improvement.

With the exception of a larger battery, faster charging, and a more potent chipset, virtually nothing has changed from the previous edition.

Yet, the Z Flip 4 is much better than the Z Flip 3, which was a great phone. Its performance and portability particularly impressed us throughout our testing, and the larger battery helps address one of the Flip 3’s main drawbacks.


Although different elements are significant to different people, for many customers, price, screen size, and battery life are the three main factors.

Even though having a huge screen makes a phone generally better for watching videos, playing games, and even using other apps, it also makes the phone bigger, heavier, and more difficult to use with one hand.

Other crucial features of a screen are its refresh rate and resolution, where greater numbers are always preferable.

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