Review Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 13: Extremely Strong Battery, Beautiful Inside And Out

You want a laptop that is reasonably priced, tiny, light, and very portable for travel. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 15 laptop satisfies all of the aforementioned needs. Stay tuned for Surface’s incredibly thorough reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 15 series!

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is the latest flagship from the almost-all-conquering electronics giant. We say ‘almost’, as while Samsung dominates in many fields, including smartphones, TVs, and storage, to name just a few, it’s not found the same level of success with laptops.

Intel Evo platforms are designed to provide a certain level of performance, so they must have at least 11th-generation processors, wake up from sleep in less than a second, offer Thunderbolt 4 ports for super-fast data transfer speeds, and should be capable of over nine hours of battery life. The idea is that if you buy a laptop with an Intel Evo badge on the box, you should know you’re getting a very impressive performer. No pressure, then.

Design Samsung Galaxy Book Pro for women who like compact, luxurious

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is considered by most users to have a beautiful standard design, thin and light, and very elegant and luxurious in the style of the company. Specifically, the 13.3-inch machine has dimensions of 304.4 x 199.8 x 11.2 mm and is slightly larger than 355.4 x 225.8 x 11.7 mm for the 15-inch model. The machine has an impressive weight of only 0.88kg. The 15-inch version also weighs only 1.05kg.

The design style of the Galaxy Book Pro does not “touch” when the outside is a luxurious silver shell and the inside is elegant and fashionable white. This look can score with sisters or young people. The very thin screen border adds to the modern look of the product.

The keyboard inside the machine is a full keyboard with actual reviews that are quite bouncy and convenient. Although the laptop is quite thin, the sides still have all the necessary ports from USB type A to USB type C, standard headphone jack, etc. The HDMI port will not appear on the 13-inch model to save space. .

Galaxy Book Pro 13 has a modern AMOLED panel screen, 1080p resolution is enough for use. These are not the best parameters, but more than enough to work and entertain with a large number of users.

Samsung offers 3 color options: blue, silver and pink.

Galaxy book pro 13 3
Minimalist appearance but still has Samsung’s own features

Galaxy Book Pro 13 configuration is suitable for office workers

Inside the Galaxy Book Pro 13 laptop model is an Intel Core i5-1135G7 chip, 8GB of RAM and a choice of memory capacity from 256GB. If we invest in the 15-inch version, we have a more powerful Core i7-1165G7 chip. Newly launched in April 2021, the machine is equipped with the new 11th generation Intel chip. The machine is equipped with the familiar Intel Iris Xe graphics card, which can run graphics programs and online games quite well.

Galaxy Book Pro also has Wi-Fi 6E Ready, LTE and all the common connections needed today. In general, this is a standard machine that can well serve both the working and learning needs of users, regardless of which group you belong to (students or office workers, business people, …).

But if you have special needs such as editing, professional graphics or playing games with great configuration, of course you should look to other specialized options.

Galaxy book pro 13 5
3 trendy colors and also personality, do not touch the machine’s goods

Webcam, microphone Samsung Galaxy Book Pro are rated as good

In this day and age, laptop buyers pay much more attention to the webcam and mic factors than before. The reason is because the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives and online meetings, lessons, and work will be more and more popular.

Even after the pandemic ends, working online is likely to continue to grow. But to have a quality meeting, we must have a really good microphone and webcam.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro has a 720p webcam. This is not a great parameter when many high-end models today are mainly 1080p. However, the image quality is not bad either. Besides, the laptop’s microphone is also rated as good as average, although not excellent.

Galaxy Book Pro 13 battery is extremely durable

Galaxy Book Pro 13 can really surprise a lot of people. According to the the machine can work well for 16 hours 49 minutes when opening 1080p video in 50% bright screen conditions. When tested with heavier operations such as video calls with web browsing, the laptop lasted 13 hours and 38 minutes.

This is a truly “not-so-medium” result in the same segment. That means users can work all day comfortably without worrying much about running out of battery.

Galaxy book pro 13 4
Full set of laptop products of the machine

Galaxy Book Pro laptop price

The 13-inch Galaxy Book Pro laptop was launched in April last year. It has a variety of memory options from 256GB.

In general, this is not too expensive in the high-end segment that the company is aiming for. When returning to Vietnam, the price of the device may fluctuate depending on many other factors.

Galaxy book pro 13 1
Laptops in the high-end price range but not quite as expensive as MacBooks


Galaxy Book Pro in general and Galaxy Book Pro 13 in particular have many competitors with the same price range on the market at the moment. Whether to buy or not, of course, depends on the specific preferences and tastes of each owner.

You should buy the device if:

  • You are using a. The reason is because the laptop has a lot of interesting applications and modes to connect between the smartphone and the user’s laptop. We can comfortably enjoy Samsung’s vast ecosystem.
  • You need a very “buffalo” battery. The impressive battery life of the Galaxy Book Pro is not easy to find.
  • You want a machine that is compact, portable, and easy to carry with you?

You should not buy the device if:

  • Are you looking for a cheap, mid-range laptop?
  • You don’t like or aren’t used to using Samsung apps

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is a powerful and nicely-designed Ultrabook that comes with cutting-edge Intel processors, Wi-Fi 6 and immense battery life. It’s pricey, but you’re getting a fantastic laptop – and it’s a great choice for people with other Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 13 is a laptop model worth referring to today when converging many factors that attract popular customers: compact, great battery and strong configuration. And you, are you intrigued by Samsung computers?


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