Oneplus Ace Pro : Review The Ultimate Hu Tao Collectible

Late last year, OnePlus debuted the Ace Pro Genshin Impact Edition smartphone in China. After some time, we were eventually able to obtain a unit to test. The OnePlus Ace Pro is essentially a Chinese-only variant of the OnePlus 10T. Read on to find out what the Genshin Impact Edition adds to the mix.

1. Design

The design of the OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Edition is clearly influenced by Genshin Impact fan favorite Hu Tao. The rear of the phone features Hu Tao’s ‘Butterfly in Thaw’ design, with a butterfly above the OnePlus logo, flames, and a Hu Tao character illustration at the bottom. The volume controls and lock screen buttons were likewise colored red.
The bundled hard-shell phone cover features a crimson backdrop with a 3D butterfly motif. The soft, heat-absorbent rear of the case also functions as a heat-dispersing material to aid in cooling the phone.

The motif also extends to the accessories. You receive an intricate Staff of Homa sim tray puller as well as a butterfly-themed charger.

2. Display


The OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Edition features an AMOLED display with a 120Hz FHD+ refresh rate. Pictures are crisp and vibrant in color. In conjunction with the robust Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, transitions and animations seem instantaneous to the touch. Despite the outstanding screen-to-body ratio, the 6.7-inch display seemed a touch too huge for my palms. One-Handed Mode is recommended if you like to play with one hand.

3. User Experience


As the OnePlus Ace Pro is designed for the Chinese market, the Chinese version of ColorOS is installed. This excludes Google apps and the Play Store. Instead, Chinese applications such as Bilibili, Baidu, Weibo, and App Market are preinstalled. As the majority of games are restricted to the Chinese server,

I had to search up the Chinese names for each app I needed, and sometimes install them via APK files. You might circumvent this restriction by acquiring the phone with global ROM installed through grey imports, but you would likely not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Putting aside my issues with the Chinese ROM, I really enjoy how far OnePlus went with the Hu Tao software theme. You receive Hu Tao keyboards, ringtones, live wallpapers, and an Always-On Display that displays a Liyue-themed clock.

4. Performance

In 2022, the OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Edition is a device of the highest caliber. So, you may anticipate a high level of performance right out of the box. I was able to consistently achieve 58-60 fps on Genshin Impact, indicating that gaming performance is outstanding. Some games, such as Arena of Valor, feel silky smooth to play, and latency is minimal.


5. Camera

The Ace Pro features a triple camera array with a 50MP primary camera with OIS, a 2MP macro camera, and an 8MP ultrawide camera. While the macro and ultrawide cameras are not very impressive, the 50MP main camera produces decent, if not spectacular, images. Pictures are crisp, and colors tend toward the warm end of the spectrum.

Yet, the post-processing tends to oversharpen the images, particularly in low light. In portrait mode, the bokeh might occasionally seem patchy instead of swirling.

With night mode enabled, adequate exposure would be achieved at the expense of detail. I like to take photographs in pro mode with slower shutter speeds, balancing with the camera’s adequate OIS.
The dual speakers on the OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Edition produce excellent sound. The mids and highs are well-balanced, and the sub-bass is present throughout.

It does not feature a 3.5mm headphone connector, but Bluetooth 5.2 supports the aptX HD codec. With an excellent pair of TWS earbuds, you may anticipate audio of high quality and little latency.

6. Duration of battery life

The phone is equipped with a 4,800mAh battery. The battery life is adequate, enough to last an entire day under heavy use. I could stretch the battery life to two days by using the device more sparingly.

The integrated 160W quick charger can charge the phone from 0% to 100% in less than 30 minutes, which is a feature that mobile gamers who play frequently will appreciate. Nevertheless, there is no wireless charging.

All View

The OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Edition is evidence of how effective brand partnerships can be. It pulls no punches with its intricate Hu Tao theme and goods.
The phone is superior. Unfortunately, support and problem-solving skills are inadequate. OnePlus has not resolved a well-known issue involving Google Voice and OnePlus. Their technicians recommend factory resets and reinstallations, however the issue is with their Android 12 implementation.

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