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In 2020, I had my first encounter with the LG gram lineup, and I quickly realized why they are among the greatest laptops available. The LG Gram 17 from this year is the same. In addition to additional improvements like a 1080p webcam, which is most definitely welcome in 2022, LG has upgraded to 12th-generation Intel Core P-series processors, offering even more performance than before, on top of already excellent specs like a Quad HD+ display.

Nonetheless, those improvements don’t alter the gram’s fundamental tenets. One of my all-time favorite laptops on the market is still exceptionally lightweight due to this. Even though it has a sizable screen, this big laptop is nonetheless very portable. It is always a marvel to simply take it up because its stature actually contradicts its weight.

2022’s LG Gram 17: Price and accessibility

The gram 14, 16, and 17 were all unveiled by LG earlier this year, and they all went on sale in the United States in June 2022. The majority of the major merchants carry them, including Best Buy and Amazon, albeit not all of them carry every configuration. Our review unit’s comparable wasn’t available at Best Buy, but it is available there. The most customizing choices are available when you buy one directly from LG.

Ports and design: It’s so light, I can’t believe it.

The LG gram range has always been about one thing in particular, and that is weight, as the branding suggests. Even though using a gram is nothing new, picking up this laptop is nevertheless incredibly refreshing. At a weight of just 2.98 pounds, the gram 17 is lighter than many current 13-inch laptops available for purchase. The HP Envy x360 13, which I recently evaluated, weighs roughly as much despite being significantly smaller. I continue to be perplexed by the LG Gram 17’s small weight every time I pick it up.

Magnesium is used extensively in the building of this laptop by LG to achieve this goal, which may not be to your taste. Magnesium is frequently used in the construction of ultralight laptops like this one because it has the potential to be both much thinner and more durable than aluminum. Magnesium can, however, also appear to be far less expensive, and in this instance, that is unquestionably the case. Even though it feels like well-made plastic, it is still plastic. While this doesn’t concern me much, if you prefer something that feels robust, it might. Magnesium surfaces are also a little more difficult for me to keep clean.

LG isn’t afraid to design a somewhat thicker chassis to accommodate all the ports you might need, which I enjoy, even though their goal is to be as light as possible. I never anticipate a laptop this light to have as many ports as the LG gram 17. It contains two Thunderbolt 4 connections, an HDMI port, and a 3.5mm headphone connector on the left side.

Touchpad and keyboard: It is not exceptional, but it serves its purpose

LG isn’t recognized for having the best keyboards, unlike well-known manufacturers like HP or Lenovo, but I don’t have any serious issues about the keyboard on the gram 17. If crunching figures is a part of your workflow, the full-size keyboard with number pad is useful. Although the keys have a respectable amount of travel, pressing them doesn’t have the same pleasant feel as it would on those HP and Lenovo laptops.

Even though it’s only a small complaint, I don’t like the way LG names the keys. Even for keys having secondary operations, all of the key labels are pushed to the top, which can be very confusing. When I initially started using this keyboard, I was genuinely unsure of how to use several symbols and accents, but once you understand that the auxiliary actions are on the right side, you rapidly get used to it. There simply isn’t a compelling reason for it to be this way, in my opinion.

Both visual and aural a substantial, color-accurate work screen

Unquestionably, the LG Gram 17’s display is one of its outstanding features. The LG gram 17 was among the first laptops to boast Quad HD+ (2560 x 1600) resolution, and the 2022 model maintains that trend. LG has steadily improved its smaller laptops to this resolution. Despite the size of the screen, it is still razor-sharp to your satisfaction. With plenty of room for multitasking and watching videos, it’s ideal for pretty much anything. My one and only desire is if it enabled touch, but it’s okay that not every laptop will.

One of LG’s biggest improvements with this year’s model is the webcam, which is located above that display. The 720p webcam in earlier models served its purpose for a few years, but in 2022, 1080p webcams are the norm in high-end laptops, and LG is keeping up. You shouldn’t need to upgrade because although it isn’t a mind-blowing camera with smart capabilities, it works reasonably well for video chats and meetings. The major improvement is the addition of an IR camera for Windows Hello, which makes logging in simpler than ever, rather than the improvement to the camera’s quality itself. All you have to do to sign in is to glance into the camera.

Performance: Although Intel’s P-series is quick, it reduces battery life.

This year’s LG Gram 17 receives significant performance improvements, all because to Intel’s P-series CPUs, which are brand-new to the lineup. These new processors operate better while using battery more quickly thanks to their increased TDP of 28W compared to the 15W of previous gram models.


The LG Gram 17 did perform a little worse than expected in benchmark tests. It performed similarly to other devices with a similar processor in PCMark 10, such as the Lenovo ThinkBook 13s, but less well than you might have anticipated in other tests.

The LG gram 17 is without a doubt one of my favorite laptops now available, and that light weight is entirely responsible. Even though this laptop’s big screen would suggest it would be difficult to handle, I still appreciate how effortlessly I can pick it up, even though the magnesium chassis may not feel as luxurious as laptops made of aluminum. The amazing Quad HD+ display plus upgrades like the 1080p webcam and Windows Hello facial recognition make this a terrific laptop for practically anyone who needs a huge laptop.

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